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This album is meant to be listened to in its entirety, at loud volumes and with help...

Evolve is a caustic, white-knuckle roller-coaster ride, fueled by a righteous fury at the world around them

Skull-crushing riffs and lumbering bass pierced with a load of heavy grinding, monster beats and stomping blasts that open up like bursts of machine-gun fire.

Excellent and Highly Recommended

This is a stellar debut album. Absolutely batshit insane, but somehow extremely fluid and focused at the same time. Therapy it is!
I particularly like the way it shifts from that carnage filled grindcore song to that weird folky part. I don’t know why my brain isn’t reacting more dramatically to this… how is this normal? The brain abides man.

Well here is a loud and pissed off album if I have ever heard one. It's probably the most schizophrenic album I have listened to in a long while now. It's a band very hard to describe. Thrash, Stoner, Sludge, and Punk without staying into one overall territory. I used to listen to Evolve when I was in a rotten mood. It was the perfect marriage made in hell. Pissed off Sludgelord against these thrashy punk upstarts.

With time I began to fall for this albums fucked-up charms. Yeah it's still loud, violent and angry as hell but it's one I am more at peace with. The riffs come thick and fast and go straight for the kill. They have a playful energy to them. The whole album is over and done with under 29 mins or so. But its an exhilarating rush that feels like a massive kick to the head.

It's all done in the best possible DIY taste and that's why I dig this album so much. Of Wolves rightly don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. They are playing music that is meant for one thing. HEAD-BANGING!!!

Actually the album does have some startling lyrics to check out. Mainly the band pissed off at the entire civilized world probably aimed at the Politicians and Big Business. The 11 tracks may have you running for the hills at first but give it time and you will find an album to that is definitely worth checking out.

Check out excellent tracks - The Man, Moot Point, No Loss For Words and Red Skins.

Excellent and Highly Recommended

“Intense” doesn’t even begin to describe “Evolve”, the latest release by Of Wolves. It is truly too weak of a word to use. “Hellacious” would certainly be fitting, as would “ferocious” and “profound”. From the packaging of the CD itself to the raucously heavy and sludgy music, Of Wolves has put out an album that is truly striking in its delivery. With socio-political and religious imagery throughout the cover, booklet, and lyrics, there is definitely no denying that “Evolve” has a plethora of messages to get across. Whether it is to cast out your ignorance, or to “stand up, raise awareness, educate, [and] fight tyranny and corruption,” as the booklet so boldly decries, Of Wolves has heavily laced their full length release with intimations and intelligence, directives and communiques, and the end result is nothing short of brilliant.

From the opening track and it’s compressed, distorted guitar sweep, “Dead Wait” kicks you right in the teeth with copious amounts of cumbrous energy. Sounding much like a metal-version of The Dead Kennedys and old school Helmet, Of Wolves really hits a home run with a three track stomp right in the middle of the album, starting with “The Man”, a Native American romper complete with a foot-stomping beat and mandolin. Seamlessly, “The Man” melds right into “Red Skins”, which finally blends perfectly into “Buffalo Nickels”, the strongest track of the album, for which the band is also finalizing a video. Finally, so as not to start strong but fade to boring like a massive stack of pancakes, “Evolve” ends on two wickedly eclectic tracks, “Legal Lies”, complete with broken glass and High On Fire-like riffage in parts, and the aptly named “Seal the Deal” as the final, strong track on an album that is already rife with an abundance of strength and power. Of Wolves took many years to write this album, but if that is what it took to get the right result, I say let them take another many years to make another one, because it will unquestionably be just as amazing as “Evolve”.

- Geoff Teach of RICM


released May 11, 2013

Recorded, Engineered and mixed by Steve Sherwood @ the Cave
All music written and performed by Steve Sherwood
All drums by Jon Kulpit *except The Man and bonus tracks
All words and lead vocals by Steve Sherwood
Back up vocals by Jon Kulpit




OF WOLVES Chicago, Illinois

A raw and heavy blend of Punk & Metal from Stoner Sludge to Hardcore & Post Punk. This devastatingly intense form of Crust is what these guys like to call therapy. The songs deal with stress, disillusionment, social injustice. Anger. Politics, Religion & are directly in touch with the world & meant to de-program the sleeping masses with a straight forward approach of brutal force & raw intensity ... more

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